Armani Prive Fall 2010 Collection

This collection captured the elegance of old Hollywood in such a satisfying way. His mixtures of pastel and brown added a boldness to every jacket, skirt, and pant. It was an evening of excellence as on lookers pierced through every favorable look. While each design embodied a savvy femme fatale moving along the runway.  The power suit was lined with embellished belts, bold shouldered blazers and tailored pants. Armani‘s fascination with distinguished sequins, exotic prints, and textured designs showed well within the classic collection.

This was the evolution of a movie starlet moving down the runway. The exotic streams of accessories traced along in luxury. The fitted skirts and abstract designs represented a new layer of his technique. The creative looks were homage to his admiration for the 1950’s. It was a way to look back at how women created a signature look, and how it reflects with the style of today. This fall collection takes on this era in a good way by adding a twist of color, design, and style.

His play on stylized suits, classic pencil skirts and goddess gowns proved to be a winner for the fall season. Each piece represented a new era of sophistication and edginess. You could easily imagine celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron or Heidi Klum wearing one of these profound pieces.

The subtle uniqueness of using brooches, gloves, poncho jackets and embellishments, created a priceless look for the season. Creating a comeback for both brooches and ponchos was a profound start. But his levels of fashion have evolved over the years. With this collection it was destined to create a world where every woman is stylish. And with these notable designs comes the distinctive layers of a true designer and how this collection emulated his vision and a vision of pure elegance.

 ~Brittany J.


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