Experience The Tie-Dye Craze

Since the summer season is all around us why not have fun with this cool yet relaxed look. The tie-dye look has been a trend for lifetimes but this year the tie-dye look is different in a good way. No longer will you have to look like an overgrown hippie instead you’ll look more like a fashion savvy chic updated hippie.

This updated trend really will be a summer favorite because you will have a lot of fun with it. Adding fun earrings or layering on bracelets to the mix will always jazz up this look. It’s a fun way to experience the trend by wearing them to the beach or a late night pool party also wearing this trend will make you feel so sassy yet really subtle.

Overall you can wear these as leggings, jeans, dresses or vests. Plus it’s a flirty way to pop the summer season off just right because of all of the colors and selections to choose from. Plus you won’t have to worry about paying a whole lot when it comes to buying this trend. There are boutiques and websites that carry a variety of the tie-dye trend, like www.gojane.com or www.solowstyle.com or try www.charlotterusse.com.

Personally I love how updated these tie-dye items look compared to the items from the past. The leggings are cute, and the tank tops are chic but the jeans are really fun to wear and their different looking.

If you want to relax this summer try adding a little tie-dye in your life.

~Brittany J.


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