Behold It’s The 2010 Emmy Fashion Trends!

Sunday night was the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards and it featured well deserved winners.  But it also featured the most fascinating aspect which of course was the fashion.

So here are the some of the trends I saw that worked well.

Black & Strapless Gowns: Theses dresses showed a lot of texture and sequin designs. (Black was a fave color trend)

Black & Strapped Gowns: Either it was one-shoulder or with sleeves. (Sequins was a key factor)

Sparkle & Shine Gowns: It was a fun sparkle night with these gowns. (Shimmer worked well)

Grecian & White Gowns: These gowns seemed to be inspired by the Greeks. (White was a fave color trend)

Strapless & Sassy Gowns: These dresses looked fab along the red carpet. (Strapless was a fave trend)

Lilac & Polished Gowns: These dresses were soft and pretty. (Soft And Simple colors)

Violet & Lovely Gowns: These dresses were thick with texture but soft in color. (Layered)

A Pop of Color Gowns: These dresses topped the night with bold colors. (Electric Colors)

Warrior Gold & Black Gowns: These dresses showed boldness with gold. (Gold And Black)

Stand-Out Pattern Gowns: Theses dresses stood out with extreme designs: (Extreme Designs)

Lastly Bold & Wild Gowns: These dresses shocked with their bold bottoms. (Boldness)

Overall these gowns were all different and unlike any other Emmy Red Carpet looks. I fell in love with the bold colors and extreme gowns. My top three was Kelly Osbourne, Lea Michele, and Claire Danes. These ladies showed classic beauty with their fashion decisions and had fun wearing there gowns. The others were too simple or too wild with their fashion decisions.

But I enjoyed seeing the trends, but I was shocked to see so much black and white gowns as a color trend. I was hoping to see more bold colors and more shimmer instead I saw more textured heavy gowns.

I love any red carpet event and this one award show was full of uninspiring surprises.

~Brittany J.


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