Being A Fashion Writer/Blogger: A Task I Wish Was Easier!

Writing is a gift of old expression it’s a meeting with words. And over the years I’ve discovered one thing, it’s one of the most competitive areas to work for. Why because others want the same thing to write for prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Lucky, or Life & Style.

These magazines love one thing to get you in as their intern: You see an intern is someone who does tasks for free and its call a learning experience. You’re growing from it but at the same time you’re broke and living on nothing but the learning experience, which by the way you can’t eat it or buy useful items with it. But you’re learning how to feel useless and then have them criticize you for what they wanted you to do.

In the world of fashion it’s either sink or swim and that’s how it goes. But with writing about fashion it’s a whole another story. Here’s why as a writer/blogger I’ve been amazed at all of the ads I see on Craigslist. Each ad wants us to write a lot and do all of these amazing tasks for NO PAY.

Literally I see this all day long and with all honestly they think it is okay to not pay us. We write because they don’t want to or they’re starting off new and can’t pay. That’s fine but at least give us something free for our time. I’m a strong believer in helping out companies and blogs but I’ve done a lot for free and wish to receive some monetary gain.

It’s a bumpy road starting out as a fashion writer because you start out writing as an intern. Then you write and write till you run out of ideas to write about. It happens sorry to say I’ve been through it, but when you want more than just being an editorial intern you let it go because you gained the experience you wanted. And now you’re looking for your next level experience which can come from the internet. The internet has been both a great experience for me and horrible one but it’s satisfying at times yet it’s full of liars and scammers. So be on a look out!

When my decision was to become a fashion writer I had to think hard and be aware of how many jobs involved me to be a NEW YORKER. Now that’s not my thing because I live in Florida and I can only do remote work which is something I’ll address later on. But living in either New York or California seems like your only ticket into the world of fashion right but NOOO!!

Here’s why you can do a lot of fashion writing remotely from the comfort of your own home. But trying to get a response from these remote employers is a little tough because one they might not be legit and two they probably got someone already and you didn’t cut it for them. Trust me it sucks at first because money talks and not getting that writing job hurts.
It takes a lot of work and effort to pull off a decent fashion writing job that pays you for what your worth. And at this time I’m still finding this out for myself it’s taken some backbone after feeling rejected and never receiving any responses back over the months. It also takes a lot of growing to get through the empty email boxes from employers you wish would reply back.

But you move on and set the goal of creating your own fashion savvy blog, which everyone is doing these days and they’re making it on their own as a fashion blogger. So it gets a lot easier once you’ve dealt with the frustrating No’s and eventually some fashion godmother will give you that yes with pay. And when that day comes I’ll be on the lookout in my fashionable booties and sassy outfit saying I’m finally a successful fashion writer.

~ Brittany J.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasha says:

    great post!
    Although I do have a fasion blog…writing really isn’t my thing…it’s kinda crazy how many people there are out there doing the exact same thing…it can be quite discouraging when you realize how insignificant you are when there’s a world full of people like you…wow this might be coming out wrong..haha…but the bottom line is no matter what you have to keep trying…because if you give up on your dream, they’ll never come true!

  2. Royia says:

    A fashion writer is my dream job but it’s harder then it seems. :/ Everyone seems to be wanting it. I wish it was just as easy as becoming a teacher or a guaranteed job. I CAN DO IT…

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