Love, Peace, And Fringe !!

Items To Spice Up Your Fall Season!

Bring out a little edge and a little hippie with this funky look. Because the fringe items have made a comeback and they’re very different then your parents fringe items. It’s a way to mix some style and a little Woodstock which can appeal to any body type.

It’s a fun look to pull off for any occasion, and it’s a way to pay homage to all the hippies who wore these proudly. You can add these fringe items with dresses or jeans and you’ll rock this look with ease. You’ll be compared to the 1960’s legends it’s great to wear for any season especially the Pre-Fall season.

The whole idea of this trend is find one or two of these vests and dress them up. You can wear these for any occasion and they come in different colors and styles. I love how it can dress an outfit up in a matter of minutes and it helps a lot with my body type. You can find these updated vests at an affordable price at if the store doesn’t have them. Or at the local boutiques or at other websites, like It’s a fun concept to find one of these items and have fun!

So Go Fringe This Fall!

~Brittany J.


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