A Halloween Treat: Sassy Yet Deadly Heels!

In the spirit of this creepy holiday I thought I would add a little twist. Meaning instead of getting into a costume I thought why not talk about something chic but deadly, the scary heels we love or want to wear but can’t. But I truly think a real heel should have drama, so every time you wear them you carry around the confidence.
To me a heel is always dignified as being too high in some places but in L.A. and N.Y.C. a heel is never too high. To them a heel should always reach the sky and in fashion it should always shock the eye. Why because with runway shows it craves drama.

 With any fashion designer it’s about having a show with amazement. And with the funky stilettos and sassy platform pumps they bring on just that. It’s known that all shoe designers want one thing, to design wearable art that we adore it’s the one thing us women and some men live for. I love looking at the shoes and how they appear to be pieces of art.
Some of these guys are pure creators of their craft but sometimes they design heels that scream torture to the feet. These guys are great at what they do, don’t get me wrong but Nickolas Kirkwood, Brian Atwood and the late Alexander Mcqueen sometimes come up with such crazy designs for the everyday fashionista. Which gives us the chance to only look at them then try them on but we slowly put them back wishing we had the stamina to pull off such a crazy heel?

With any heel it has one purpose: to make us look fabulous and sexy without the thought of we might fall. So as a personal heel lover I constantly think about the way they look, how they feel, and wonder will they hold up for long periods of time without me crying. But when you see them they sometimes don’t pass the test because they’re too painful to wear and they only look great on display. I think the fashion models deserve so much respect because I’m sure it’s not easy.

Overall the world of killer heels is so much fun to look at but they’re very spooky to wear. But I give props to these celebrities and models who are expected to wear them. So have fun dressing up but don’t think that these heels are easy to pull off, because they’re not.

~Brittany J.


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