Inside The Fashion Pages: A Sneak Peek At Elizabeth & James Spring 2011 Lookbook

The resurrection of the boho chic has arrived, and this time the Olsen twins brought it back but in a good way. When piercing through the pages of their new spring 2011 lookbook, I noticed how each item carried on a sense of whimsical softness. Since spring is months away you can always bet, that you’ll see the same cropped shorts and sassy dresses but with this collection they’ve added their own personal touch to the repetitive looks.

To me this collection told a story, I imagine the story being about a lavish girl vacationing in the heart of France during the 1960’s. Along the way she meets up with friends at a French chateau for dinner, and visit museums as escapism from the present. It’s a savvy collection and it featured trends like the romantic blouses, the pastel colors, and the peasant styles. It’s like they mixed a little gypsy and a dash of hippie chic, to make one perfectly blended collection.

Between the bold blazers, redefined dresses and flared bottoms it’s like a throwback to the hip 1970’s. I personally love how they mixed the savvy neutrals, and the dark tones to their overall looks. They showed variety and a sense of creativity in this collection. Let’s not forget their boldness for having socks with heels as their statement look along with the inexpensive accessories. This sassy collection will cost you along $165 to $265 so it’s pretty affordable and you’ll look great in these items without going overboard.   Overall it’s one heck of a spring 2011 Lookbook which featured pieces I would love to wear. So check out the Elizabeth & James collections trust me you won’t be disappointed.

~Brittany J.


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  1. Marissa says:

    Hey giiiiirl,

    Thanks for the twitter follow! 🙂 I’m following you backk.

    Your blog is so unique! I love the layout and design.
    And E&James is slowly becoming one of my favorite designers. I just love M&K’s pieces! What’s better than the ever fashionable Olsen twins designing?


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