Fashion Throwback: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes(Jane Russell’s Style)

Recently I’ve seen a great classic and I thought to myself Wow this movie has style. Meaning this isn’t your typical movie, these are outfits that speak before the actress could talk. These were clothes that lit up rooms.Gave us a new view of what it’s like to dress up like a real lady. A lady with substance and class while looking sultry enough to rule a guy’s heart. But I wanted to revise their style for our generation. Because it’s a fashion throwback which details how clothes fitted women back then. And how they seemed to never give off the wrong signals well unless they wanted too.

But lately it was a pleasure to watch such an iconic film featuring such classic fashion icons. The always sassy Jane Russell  had a lot of spunk and class whenever she appeared on screen and since I’m not a blonde I loved the humor and clever writing it offered. But enough about the film let’s move on to their fabulous clothes. Here’s the wonderful looks Jane Russell wore throughout the movie.

  The Famous Red Dresses

Here’s My Version:

Jane Russell’s Outfits:

My Version:

My Fun Version:

My Stylish Version:

My Sassy Version:



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    This is so great! I’ve been fascinated by jane russell for weeks now! I only saw Gentlemen prefer Blonds a few weeks ago but since then I’ve admired her elegant style!

    You’ve really helped me with ideas for how to reconstruct some of her outfits!
    My favourites though are her red button coat and her black jumpsuit! I’m so glad i have one!

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Dee says:

    I knew I COULDN’T be the only one who LOVED the beautiful clothes both women wore in this movie, and I’m loving your versions of Jane Russell’s outfits. I also HAVE to mention the black/brown checked dress Marilyn Monroe was wearing when she went to the camera shop, and the suits they were wearing in Paris…gorgeous!!! 🙂

  3. Holly says:

    The checkered jacket that Jane Russel is wearing, what type of jacket is it called?

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      The Jane Russel Jacket Is A houndstooth jacket the design is really clever : ) Thanks For The comment.

      1. Holly says:

        No thank you. I have searching for what type. Now i’m going to buy one.

  4. jercie says:

    Could u please post where u have found your rendition of these outfits? Especially those of jane russell particularlly the black outfit from the pool scene.

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Hi Jercie,
      It’s Me Brittany J.
      With those outfits I actually created them from polyvore.
      I found all of the items from there.
      I created the looks through polyvore I wish I did find them but sorry to say I made them.
      Their were no outfits online from this movie so that’s why I created them!
      Hope this helps have a great week!

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