Rock Out With This Trend: Embellished Drama!

You’ve probably been through the stores lately wondering is this trend worth wearing? And to answer your question yes this trend is worth wearing. Because it’s fun to wear and it gives your wardrobe a little pizazz. Imagine wearing basic sweaters and cardigans without the drama of sequins.

Many celebrities have been spotted with this drama inspired shoulders. And many fashion designers love using this trend as a muse for their updated collections. So trust me having a dash of sequins on a top makes for a perfect look as long as you don’t go overboard.

When wearing a trend like this you’re required to go simple. Adding simplistic jewels or scarves creates an effortless look. With the cardigans and sweaters it’s better to go with skinny jeans and with the dresses sprinkle on a pair of black or lace leggings which adds to the fun. You can easily look rocker chic when wearing this trend.

Personally I love this trend because I like embellished items and distinctive accessories to make people grasp. This trend is stretched all over the stores this season. So make sure you rock this trend with some attitude.

~ Brittany J.


One Comment Add yours

  1. I personally LOVE this trend. It combines two things I’m fond of- sequins and the 80’s 🙂


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