A Holiday Favorite: Party It Up With Sequins!


It’s a known fact that when the holiday season comes the parties soon follow. It’s a great time to let loose and meet new people and create an experience like no other. But with a great party comes a great outfit, and with that you must let your hair down and sparkle it up with sequins. I mean the more the merrier, sequins is an accessory that never goes out of style. The way these dresses look today is compared to what we saw in the 1970’s and 1980’s. But now it’s more of a formal look and it’s kind of fun to razzle dazzle your guests when you’re hosting or even going to those other parties.

With any sequin look less is more, and let the dress do all the talking. Most likely this look will and who wouldn’t want to be a show stopper during the holiday season. There are some key colors that are great during the party season. For instance gold is a huge party favorite it gives you the attention people pay top dollar for. But you wouldn’t have to pay a lot because you can find a gold dress anywhere. And topping it off with some black pumps and a simple clutch works immediately.

Then there’s your cool color silver and these dresses are great to wear at night. Mainly because you look festive with the theme the holidays give. I must say the silver look is a favorite of mine, it reminds me off a toned down disco ball. It’s a chic color and many celebs enjoy paring this look with either silver pumps or black ones it doesn’t matter. Because It’s all about having fun right therefore embrace this look with coolness.

Finally let’s introduce a pro the all-time favorite party color the black sequin dress. It’s very different than the average LBD this dress shines with sparkles. I’ve popped out a new name for this look the LBSD (Little.Black.Sequin.Dress) because it’s a perfect look for a date with your special guy and great for partying it up. It’s flirty and chic and classic for red carpets. This dress is easily in the top five for me when it comes to going partying with friends. It will forever carry on the chic factor.

A new trendy dress has appeared I will call these dresses The Wild Cat sequin dress, because they simple are leopard printed it’s a step up to the average holiday dress. Basically you’re showing others you have wild side and you love staying on trend. Personally I love the look of these dresses because it’s a stand out outfit and you can dress this up with any solid color heel. It’s a cat call for having fun during the holiday season.

So this holiday season go crazy with your fashion choices and don’t hog all the egg nog.

~ Brittany J.


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