The 2011 Golden Globes

Last night it was The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards and everyone was there strutting their stuff. But this award show was filled with controversy and if you knew you’ll probably thank the Hollywood Foreign Press. It was also a little heated along the red carpet as Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock was there let’s just hope everything went well behind the scenes.

But enough about that I want to say well done to Ms. Natalie Portman for having a spunky acceptance speech, it was very funny. You so deserve to win for Best Actress as Nina in the incredible movie the Black Swan. I haven’t seen it yet but I will soon and from the previews and reviews I know it was a role only a few could have played. And Ms. Portman you rocked it and received a proposal and a baby from this one movie now that’s very powerful.

Overall there were some sour jokes, some sweet laughs, and some amazing winners from last night award show. But let’s move on to what I call the fashion trends that will break on through to the other award shows. There were lots of colors like pinks, pastels, and lovely greens. Also we saw rich blues and soft melon shades as the colors of choice. We saw gowns that had shape, and dresses with thick bottoms and strapless made simple. It was one over the top but extremely simple award show with many liking the gowns and many saying why?

I’m more into the trends and how important they are, since we have so many shows to watch in the coming months. So let me introduce you to the 2011 Golden Globe fashion trends Enjoy! And please leave a lovely comment it will mean so much (Thanks : )


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