It’s A Déjà Vu Shoe Moment: Introducing Giuseppe Zanotti Bow Sandals!

Selena Gomez ~ Emily Blunt ~ Mila Kunis

Introducing the Giuseppe-Zanotti suede bow sandals aren’t they stylish? These heels are seen all over Hollywood and I must say it’s been a pleasure to see the wrap around heels come back. Only because they’re so amazing to look at and they dress up the outfit so well.

To me they’re like little presents wrapped perfectly for your feet. Plus they’re from a great shoe designer. You can’t go wrong with shoes that make you look great and feel amazing and these three leading ladies know they’re shoes. I love how these sandals aren’t over the top, they gently give off style in such a different way compared to other shoe designs I’ve seen.

Overall you’ll find these sandals all over because they fit perfectly for the spring and summer season. These sandals are from his Spring/Summer 2011 collection so you know there’ll be all over Hollywood in the coming months.

I’m a huge fan of these shoes and you never know they might be sitting in my closet soon!

~Brittany J.


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