Look Savvy In Stripes This Season!

Gwen Stefani ~ Anna Paquin ~ Kate Moss

In honor of the spring/summer season I thought it would be fun to introduce this trend early. So pop out the monochrome stripes and enjoy them with jeans or with a skirt. These stripes can add a lot to an outfit if you need a pick me up. Try wearing these with cargo pants or dress them up with leather leggings. These stripes go perfect with a pair of cute shoes like boots or flats.

Adding the blue/white or black/white and the red/white to your wardrobe can be really fun. Only because this trend can add some spice to your daily style and you can’t go wrong with horizontal stripes. So with the spring/summer season approaching which in my case I can’t wait. Because I can’t stand the cold weather I’m looking forward to wearing this trend. It’s such a fun look so you know this trend will never go out of style.

Look Fabulous In Stripes

 Have Fun This Spring!

~Brittany J.


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