And The S.A.G Fashion Awards Goes To!!!

Let’s introduce the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards with honor as the winners won. And as the losers smiled with the hopes of maybe winning next year we still honored them. Because acting isn’t easy and they all deserve their SAG cards, and even though this award show hailed “The King’s Speech” and deemed “Boardwalk Empire” praises. It wasn’t always about who won because I’m more focused on what they wore? Also I’m focusing on how stunning these dresses looked on the red carpet.

The gowns I picked were winners among all of the rest and these looks added a dose of creativity.

So I’ll Call This The Fashion Awards At The Screen Actors Guild Awards: (Enjoy)

Wild Reds Roamed The Red Carpet

Tina Fey In Oscar De La Renta (She Wins Most Improvement): Because we all know she hasn’t been stylish at a lot of awards shows lately but she’s coming along perfectly with this dress.

Mila Kunis In Alexander McQueen (She Wins Best Dress Designer & Best Dress) Only because with any McQueen gown comes the theatrics which works well along the red carpet.

Julianna Margulies In YSL (She Wins Most Flattering To Her Skin Tone) This Dress helped her skin a lot and it was a great fit, and she radiated along the red carpet.

Lavish Gowns Pierced Along The Red Carpet

Kyra Sedgwick In Thierry Mugler Couture (She Wins For Always Getting It Right): Over the past years she has rocked the award shows with the perfect color and style of dresses. Plus she knows how to go simple and chic plus she’s married to the sexy Kevin Bacon!

January Jones In Carolina Herrera (She Wins For Most Eccentric): You never know what Betty Draper/Jan Jones is going to wear when It comes to events. She goes outside the box and loves it and I think this gown looks great on her.

These Unique Gowns Strutted Along The Red Carpet:

Julia Stiles In Monique Lhuillier (She Wins For Softness): This dress is a lot softer than her Golden Globe gown which was thicker with texture. This gown flatters her body shape and the two tone colors work well along the red carpet. You don’t see to many two-tone dresses so it’s different in a good way.

Jennifer Lawrence In Oscar De La Renta (She Wins For Best Color Combo): She popped with this pink dress, and black bow belt. It’s a great dress from his Pre-Fall collection. It’s a great combo of colors because pink and black is a great selection to wear along the red carpet if it’s done right.

The Soft Colors Sailed Along The Red Carpet:

Natalie Portman In Azzaro (She Wins For Best Baby Bump Gown): She rocked this look with subtlety and with a goddess feeling. She stood tall and proudly showed us her mommy glow with elegance. Azzaro knows how to flatter certain body types.

Lea Michele In Oscar De La Renta (She Wins For Having Fun With Gowns): She’s a playful character when comes to style and how she should dress. She enjoys the youthfulness of her gowns, and this dress looked great on her and went well with her skin tone.

Amy Adams In Herve L. Leroux (She Wins For Best Flattering Look) This dress was hugged tightly along her figure and she looked amazing among the other white gowns. It’s a gown I wish I could squeeze into if I had the chance it’s like they painted it on her I wonder if she was able to breathe.

Lastly Hilary Swank In Versace (She Wins For Best Style) Instead of the lovely January Jones sporting a Versace dress Ms. Swank took the offer and looked stunning. This dress is made in a perfect way because of the ruching and how its cut helped her body shape. It’s a pretty gown and it has a great fit I would say it’s a dress anybody could wear.

Overall I picked these gowns as the best looks of the night, they rocked in color, fit and style.

The Next Award Show: Is The 2011 Grammy Awards Coming Up (February 13, 2011)

Now That Award Show Should Be Interesting!!

~Brittany J.


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