Looks That Sizzled At The 53rd Grammy Awards!

It's The 53rd Grammy Awards

Last night was the 53rd Grammy Awards and as usual we saw amazing performances and heard interesting acceptance speeches. Plus there was a great tribute done for the fabulous diva Aretha Franklin. Even though there were many surprises.

There’s always the likely winners while the bummed out losers just feel great to be there.

But it was a typical Sunday evening with the most eccentric music artists as they graced the stage. While others showed us their talents by expressing it through crazy looks and boy did we see some outfits.

Here’s The Sizzling Looks That Graced The Grammy’s: (Enjoy)

Rock Bottoms: Rihanna ~ Nicole Kidman ~ Mya  

They Had Fun With Ruffles  

Keep It Short & Sweet: Eva Longoria ~ Kelly Osbourne ~ Jenna U.

Had Fun Showing Us Who They Are In Short Dresses

Draw Us Up A New Hem: Jennifer Hudson ~ Jordan Sparks

Showed Us A New Way To Wear A Dress

Slip Into Silver Sequins: Katy Perry ~ Jennifer Lopez

Showed Us How To Look Fabulous In Sequins

The Golden Touch: Kim K.~ Heidi K.~ LeAnn R.~ Selena G.

Showed Us How To Work A Goldie Dress The Right Way

It’s All About Being Bold: It’s Monica & Snookie

Showed Us How To Stand Your Ground With Bold Shoulders

Unique & Proud of It: Florence + The Machine ~ Julianne H. ~ Miley C.

These Gowns Were Outcasts On The Red Carpet

It’s Not An Award Show Without A Crazy Entrance: Introducing Lady Gaga!

And That Award Goes To Ms. Lady Gaga I guess she had to step it up from last year’s look.

She Made Easter A Fabulous New Trend Instead of A National Holiday.

~ Brittany J.

See You’ll At The 83rd Academy Awards/Oscars!!!


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  1. It was so much fun watching the Grammy’s! Always love anything Red Carpet, as it never fails to bring smiles and awe. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie. I hope yours is fabulous! xoxo

  2. You did a great job of summing up the grammys and getting all the pics up. I liked the shorter hems the best.

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