Just Go With The Flow Look! It’s A Sassy New Spring Trend

Emma Stone ~ Drew Barrymore ~ January Jones

It’s about having a luxurious meeting with the queen of hippie chic at the boutique at the corner of Madison Ave. and 5th. It’s a trend that takes style to whole another level. It’s one fun look that will be perfect for the spring and summer season, and I’ve fallen in love with it. Because this trend is very 1970’s but with a glamorous twist and the twist is a mixture of casual with a dash of formal.

It’s a very simple concept of adding a chic maxi dress with a jacket makes it an easy look to do. The stylish ladies above wore there’s with a dose of luxury meaning they wore Chanel gowns. But you don’t have to go overboard with your maxi dress purchase you can still buy one within price range and look fabulous. It’s an effortless look that any body type could do and look elegant. It’s one of the trends I would to rock out with when it’s nicer outside.

 You can buy any gown or short dress and make it fit for you and your personality. But for me I would rock this look with a denim jacket and some funky bangles and a pair wedge sandals. With any look adding accessories is the key and having anything colorful or bold is a big style A+ in my book.

Therefore I would like to say Yea for bringing back the maxi halter dresses it’s a trend favorite. I won’t miss the annoying strapless dresses because they’re not fun to wear at all.

 Overall this look/trend is super fun to wear and you’ll look amazing rocking it.

~Brittany J.


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  1. Yes, the maxi halter dress … so 70’s chic! xoxo

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