Have Fun With Manolos Around Your Neck!

You probably never thought to have a pair of Manolos around your neck right! But now you can and you won’t have to break the bank which is great. For years we’ve associated the world of Manolo Blahnik with the cast of Sex And The City. Ms. Carrie Bradshaw brought the fashion world on its heels when she strutted down the NYC streets in a pair of these famous pumps. She made every girl desiring a pair of these sculpted jewels, even I wanted to own the blue pair from the SATC movie.But my god the M.B. pumps will cost you a lot and they don’t play in the heel department. Meaning their expensive to own and beyond the height requirements if you know what I mean. But in a funny way we’re addicted to them and we think what would it be like to own a $1,500 pair of Manolo Blahniks? But it’s the idea of wearing one of his designs on your feet that makes the difference rather then a lovely pair of Steve Maddens. Don’t get me wrong I own a nice amount of Steve Maddens and love them, but I’ll like to feel a sultry pair of Manolos.

It’s known that ladies love a funky pair of pumps. So let me introduce to the famous Manolo Blahniks necklace from their collaboration with TOUS jewelry. It’s a fun mixture of art and a girl’s best friend “jewelry”. They used his infamous Campari Mary Jane’s and made them come alive only around your neck. Which makes it a classic piece to wear for any occasion, and it’s a fun way to say I own Manolos.You’ll be able to stand tall and have a little extra for something else you love. It starts at $279 to $1,449 and it ranges between the chain and the pendent size and rather you want it in gold or silver. It’s a cute but chic necklace and any one would like it because it’s simple yet stylish to wear.

 Don’t be surprise if you see Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) sporting a set of these around her neck.

 ~Brittany J.


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