Look Fabulous In A Funky Pair of Black Denim!

Selena Gomez~Brittany Snow~Heidi Klum~Heather Morris

 Lately it’s a trend that’s seen all over the place and in a good way it’s one of the best trends. Why, well it could be the fact that it’s amazing to the figure. And it hides all of those little parts we try so hard to disappear. These jeans are impossible to miss and all of Hollywood seems to be infatuated with them. So I thought why not feature them on my blog as a go to trend, meaning it’s a trend you could wear to any event or to any occasion and still look fabulous.

 Plus you can find these stylish jeans at any store for a reasonable price or higher. It’s the one pair of jeans that looks great with any color shirt or blazer. Adding color with these jeans are fun or wear them with a pair of wild pumps is great too. Either way these jeans are a keeper unless you’re living in a hot area. For instance I live in Florida and 75% of the time it’s hot. So you could imagine that these jeans would be great to wear during the Fall/Winter season and not great to wear during the Spring/Summer time.

I’m sure you’ve been lucky enough to rock a pair of these either at school, or with friends, or on that special date. It’s a fun look to pull off and if you’re in love with accessories like I am then try adding lots of layered necklaces and a funky pair of shades.

 Overall dressing up your wardrobe with a sultry pair of black denim is a defiantly a Fashion DO!

~Brittany J.


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