Hot New Handbag Alert! The DVF Harper Handbag Collection

The DVF Newest Handbag (The Harper Day-Bag)

Get ready to step into spring with style with these pristine handbags. The one and only Diane Von Furstenberg have done it again by introducing the world this handy but sassy new handbag. It’s creative enough by showing us a new sense of style. Simply by the look and astounding colors it comes in, it will defiantly keep you standing out from the crowd.

 One thing for certain it’s not your typical handbag because it has a mixture of suede and leather. So you think why leather and suede for the hot season. Don’t worry I’ve seen a lot of suede and leather during this season too. And I wondered why it’s such a big thing to have a little leather and suede? And guess what it’s not just a Fall/Winter trend it’s becoming a hot new Spring/Summer trend.

This stylish handbag has a metal chain handle, it’s a trendy look these days. Plus this sassy handbag has a thick suede tassel and lots of room for those essential items. You can dress this trendy bag with a casual pair of jeans or with a stylish evening look. It’s a handbag that can go with everything and I mean everything. You’ll probably see these handbags on a variety of celebs. Like Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, or Jessica Alba, and maybe on one of the Kardashian sisters.

These lovely handbags come in five chic colors: Rose Pink, White/Montego Bay, Camel/White, and Dark Brown and Black. Overall it’s a big deal to own one of these as the summer time approaches. But if your budget isn’t big on spending $625 to $675 then you can always find one that look like one of these.

It’s probably one of the trendiest looks to have this season, I’ve always been a fan of DVF designs.

So enjoy this hot new handbag trend and you’ll look chic and stylish for the spring and summer season.

 ~Brittany J.


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  1. Ashleigh says:

    I love this purse. The white part is shiny pleather, and the black circles are like velvet. It zips at the top before it opens like a pac-man mouth “>”. There’s not a ton of room at the top- which is obvious from the pictures- but I’m not planning on packing with it either- so it’s fine for the normal wallet, keys, phone, glasses. It’s as stylish as it looks, no surprises.

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