I’m A Maniac For Atwood! Introducing The Sultry Satin Pumps

Brian Atwood & His Creations

Strut what you got in these fabulous pumps made with attitude. I’ve been strolling through celebrity sites lately and grown a little obsessed with this shoe designer. His yummy mix of adding sultry with a heel makes him the best when it comes to rocking any outfit. We’ve all seen his sexy ad campaigns but more importantly we’ve all dreamed of having a pair of these.

The Spring/Summer 2009 Campaign (A Very Sultry Ad)

When I say all over Hollywood I mean literally I’ve seen them on almost every starlet. They’re one of the trendiest shoes on the planet and to gain a pair you’ll have to pay a pretty penny ($480). But like I always say getting some that look remotely like the real ones is as great as the real thing. Being a fan of the satin “Maniac” pump means a lot but it also means choosing which one to love.

The Satin Maniac Pumps ~ The Zenith Satin Pump

There are two types of Maniac pumps, the patent leather pumps and the sassy satin ones. Both styles give off a great sense of electricity when worn, but I’m more fascinated by the satin pumps. Actually the reason why I like these shoes so much is because they’re really simple yet extremely chic. Also they make an outfit look amazing, and let’s face it they’re Brian Atwood’s need I say more?

Check out these stylish celebs rocking the funky yet bold Satin Maniac Pumps!!

Julianne Hough~Eva Longoria~Hayden Panettiere~Emma Roberts

The Maniac Pumps are one of the hottest shoes for the Spring/Summer season and there even hotter in Hollywood!

Enjoy strutting around in your show-stopping heels this season.

~Brittany J.


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  1. empress says:

    oh la la la very sassy indeed!

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