A Stylish Celebration! Sizzling Looks From Coachella 2011

Celebs Enjoying Coachella 2011 In Style!

It’s another fun year of music, fashion, and love.

This year the most famous gathering happens and it’s filled with style and creativity. I feel lucky enough to gather some cool outfits and give you the world of Coachella and the many celebs that follow.

It’s a celebration of music, art and freedom therefore. You’ll always see stylish stars walking along the lush fields of Indio, California.

Let The Coachella Celebration Begin!!

I love this festival for its mixture of art, music and style, and I think it’s the Woodstock of our Generation.

It’s one of the best festivals when it comes to starting spring/summer fashion trends.

Celebs and others unite for three days, of fun, relaxation and waves of music.

Between the great performers and loads of people it’s all about letting your hair down and loving where you’re at in life.

So Enjoy the creative energy and look your very best!

 ~ Brittany J.


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