Fashion Cover Wars: Who Will Feature Kate Middleton On Their Magazine?


This Means War! Well Cover Wars I Mean: Who Will Have Kate Middleton Featured On Their Magazine?

“We’re very, very fortunate to have some of the great Kate’s appear on our cover Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett”. That’s what the editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar Ms. Glenda Bailey said recently in an interview. Glenda Bailey isn’t the only one pulling to ride the royal coattails just to have the lovely Kate Middleton on their cover.

Another well-known magazine editor-in-chief is looking to have Kate as well Ms. Anna Wintour. With these ladies they know how to land a cover and they can create a concept that’s great for the public. So if you’re thinking Vogue magazine is the front-runner then you’re wrong, because there’s one little fact you probably didn’t know. 

Fashion editor Sara Buys at Harper’s Bazaar UK has a sweet little connection to the royals that’s pretty amazing. She’s a very prominent person to the royal family. Because she’s married to Camilla Parker Bowles son Mr. Tom Parker Bowles they had a lavish wedding in 2005. Very interesting indeed, that could make Harper’s Bazaar UK the winner. I wonder which magazine will feature her as the new Bridal Princess!

We’ll just have to wait (We’re Just Hours Away Till The Big Reveal)

~Brittany J.


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  1. Great inside scoop on the cover demands & war to feature Princess Kate! Can’t wait to see it once done. xoxo

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