Hollywood’s Newest Fashionista: Blake Lively

Have you been Lively Lately? She’s officially Hollywood’s newest ticket and fashion’s it-girl.

She has the role many actresses wanted because she’s Green Lantern’s leading love interest. The DC Comic is going to be one hot summer movie.  She’s co-starring with the sexy Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, she’s playing Carol Ferris the potential love interest to Green Lantern. It’s a big movie so the sci-fi herd will flock to see this adaptation of the fave super hero.

Green Lantern Hits Theaters June 17, 2011

But beyond the green horizon she’s becoming an outlet sparking through the fashion industry one designer at a time. She’s more of a demand in the fashion industry like never before. Her first sashay along the fashion runway came in the form of magazine covers. She’s been introduced on many covers such as Elle, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Vogue, Allure, and Vanity Fair. And she’s even bigger in other countries she’s been featured on hundreds of their versions. It’s an insane feeling I bet when you see yourself on the cover of every shelf.

This was her introduction into the mainstream market and this was the debut of the Fashion muse. It seems like it happened over night, and indeed it did. When it comes to her fashion sense has gone through an amazing transformation since she came on to the scene. I love how she chooses colors, accessories and patterns. She’s a lover of risks and in fashion you have to risk it, and she does it exceptionally well. She’s been in the front row of almost every fashion week since 2008, and appearing on many guests list with the help of some great designers.

I think it’s amazing to have three fashion powerhouses gush over you while considering you a force in fashion. She’s been dubbed the “American Girl Dream” only through the lips of Chanel’s director Karl Lagerfeld and he loves her because she brings something new to fashion. Then there’s the short but sassy, I’m not here to play Anna Wintour, she’s a fashion lover but she only loves the power of fashion.

 It’s like she adores Blake more than a pair D&G earrings because it’s freaking Anna Wintour and once you’re in her Bottega Veneta clutch there’s no looking back. Another person who’s slipping through runway cracks and confessing his love for her is red sole guru Christian Louboutin. His love for her style shines because he created a sandal called “The Blake” a colorful yet extreme sandal that would look great with of cute pair 7 For All Mankind jeans.

You know Blake Lively has become friends with some of the best people in the industry. But it hasn’t stopped her from having shopping trips with Christian Louboutin, and sitting next to Anna Wintour in the front row of Paris Fashion Week. It would be awesome to sit next to Gwen Stefani on the front row during NYC fashion week. So I’m sure she’s amazed to be friends with Anna Wintour.

 And guess who’s showcasing her it’s the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld and his newest muse, she’s featuring the Chanel’s chicest Mademoiselle Handbag. The 2011 ad campaign lashes out the elements of mystery, intrigue and lust. It’s a clever ad and takes the updated handbag, by adding the luxurious parts while mixing the west coast feelings.
 She’s great when it comes to fashion, because of her height and image. She’s also interesting when it comes to her dress choices. I’ve seen her wear looks that only she could wear. Personally it be would a challenge to rock looks like she’s done. But I admire the risks and colors she mixes together.

She’s rocking Hollywood with style and strutting along the red carpet with such eccentric items. She will continue to remain an outlet to ladies everywhere as Hollywood’s stylish actress.

 ~ Brittany J.