That’s Fierce! Kate’s Royal Wedding Gown

~ Kate's In A Sarah Burton Design ~

The secret is out and the most famous moment is officially over. But the biggest moment was sealed until Kate arrived in a Sarah Burton design. This gown was filled with simplicity as sheer lace cascaded along her arms. The deep v-neckline was strong amongst the corset bodice, and that train swept the ground beautifully. The form-fitting design was fierce and went well with her classic accessories and tailored veil.

The Royal Entrance!

Designer Sarah Burton is a strong choice among the many fashion designers that follow. As an assistant to the late but extremely talented Alexander McQueen, she’s made his collections striking still. Among the guests that followed, I must say there were some interesting fashion choices that outlined how 2011 is nothing like the Prince Charles and Lady Diana 1981 wedding her dress was couture all the way.

Princess Diana Royal Entrance

 The funky hats from the other royals were truly iconic and made onlookers say WOW. The ivory and stain gown was very fitting to Kate’s personality and her sense to stay modern with the Sarah Burton design. The crowd loved them and the red carpet was very reminiscing to our movie premieres we have.

~Joss Stone~Pippa Middleton~David & Victoria Beckham~

The guests were truly filled with glee and excitement, plus there was a sense of calmness as well. Kate and William looked dashing as they waved and pleased the crowd by smiling with laughter.

William & Kate Wed

 The famous wedding of our time was a breath of fresh air. And these royal outfits will go down in not only the history books but in the fashion ones as well. Lastly I really love how elegant and simple the dress was and loved that she picked a contemporary designer it was a valued decision in the fashion world.

~ Brittany J.


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