Cinco De Mayo: Presents Triple Treat Latinas

The Spanish culture is a big thing I value and with any culture comes the talents that follow. Over the years I’ve seen some amazing Latinas with great style, personality and creativity. And since its Jueves De 5th Mayo I thought why not feature my favorite Latinas that rocked television, movies, music and fashion.

The one city I could imagine me walking down and flaunting is Barcelona, Spain. It’s a rich city filled with history, food, and unbelievable attractions that are valued. Many in Spain feature a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese within their language which I admire. Plus their Fashion week is amazing to see, because their designs are truly artistic. I consider South America the main creation, with the exceptions of other countries. Spain is an exception because it’s unique and will carry on as one of the most artistically driven countries to look out for.

But there are some actresses, musicians and fashionistas that go beyond the rest.

The Past: Triple Threat Latina

Goes to the all-time favorite Selena Quintanilla Perez, she’s a strong force in any community. But in the Latino world she’s even bigger. As a Mexican American, her voice alone was insanely beautiful to listen to and songs like Como La Flor and I Could Fall In Love still pull us in. Her live performances touched the hearts of many, plus the energy she had on stage was dynamic. But what she did in the fashion community garnered the pathway for others. She started her own fashion line and had two boutiques before any of the others, yet dancing, travelling and successfully being a wife. Now to me that screams Icon? She’s one of my favorite singers and her fashion sense was beyond creative, she was a fashion icon of the 1990’s. With all of this she still managed to play the role of the restaurant singer in Don Juan DeMarco. But with her untimely death in 1995 she still remains one of the top Latinas that can carry high record sales. Ironically she launched another Latina with a biopic that created more fans since the release of the film in 1997.          

The Present: Triple Threat Latina’s

Jennifer Lopez is now the most beautiful women in the world, she runs a perfume empire, and showered us with movies and music. She’s a Puerto Rican that deals with only the best of the best in the industry. With the lavish lifestyle few dream of and a demanding schedule she makes it look easy. Her career in movies went from Selena to The Wedding Planner to Maid In Manhattan. And finally one of my favorite movies Shall We Dance? A cute movie with great dance moves and popping music. But then she went into doing My Love Don’t Cost A Thing to I’m Real to Ain’t It Funny. To On The Floor featuring Pitbull, that’s a club hit and it’s a great song to dance to. Her newest album is Love?, plus she’s juggling American Idol, modeling for Tous jewelry and sharing Gucci ads with her twins. You can say she’s pretty busy but adding full-time mom to the mix, is a task she loves doing. Yet she owned a funky fashion line and still managed to go through a list of desired men all while covering magazine covers. She even dealt with the restaurant business and married another hot Latino Marc Anthony.  She’s going beyond and who knows what she’ll do next, it’s exciting to watch her achieve everything from music to judging.

Salma Hayek is sultry yet clever with her talent as a Mexican American actress. She’s produced, directed and acted in many films and has done many projects with more to come. She’s a petite yet powerful and can deal with the industry execs crappy ways. And boy did she deal with a lot, since leaving Mexico in the 1990’s. She’s taken each screenplay with a grain of salt, and developed the femme fatale look in movies like Desperado, and Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Began acting on Telenovels which designed a mode against the drama filled storylines, yet she wanted more and tried comedy. Which was her comedy intro into one of my favorite movies Fools Rush In, it’s always on cable by the way. Then she shows off her curves in a film that made vampires cooler in sexy way the film From Dusk Till Dawn. But with such famous films like those she wanted to go further and a little unknown show called Ugly Betty began.

With directing, acting, and producing this show wouldn’t have started if she didn’t hit it big with one movie. Frida (Kahlo) a biopic about the controversial painter all started with Salma and she received a Oscar nomination. She’s done it all but literally she has it all with the birth of her daughter, and the marriage to fashion house husband François-Henri Pinault. By the way his PRR firm owns the best designers in the fashion industry, like Alexander McQueen, and Gucci. That could be why you’ll see her wear gowns from their collections, by the way he’s a subtle billionaire. Overall I adore Salma Hayek and her choice to help, look, and carry a tune of feisty elegance.

Penelope Cruz the Spanish siren, a sassy Spaniard that created a world of Latin interests.  She’s acted in many indie Spanish films that didn’t get recognized in the US until later. But her early films in the 1990’s proved she could stay in character and fill the world with emotion. But with a known movie about how we perceive things began in 2001 she found her place in the Vanilla Sky. With Tom Cruise as her guide and boy toy she struck Hollywood gold when starring with Johnny Depp in Blow. This movie was very interesting and led them to team up again in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. All while creating this she began to visit Vicky Christina Barcelona, a funky film by Woody Allen.  She won an Oscar for best supporting actress for playing Maria Elena a wild yet in tuned character. Another Spanish film I liked was Volver and how she expressed such emotion in this film. Playing strong Spanish female leads is her forte even if they’re played critically, she’s still commercially able to bring in a lively audience. Since the VCB film she’s found her true Latin lover in Javier Bardem a full of life sultry actor whose also an Oscar Winner. She’s now a mommy and has many projects ahead. But when she’s on the red-carpet it’s like she can do no wrong. Her dresses fit her from head-to-toe and her hair gives the look a shock factor, but in a good way. I love to see what dress she’ll wear next when she’s at any award show, because she’s a great mix among sometimes the safe.

The Future: Triple Treat Latina

Selena Gomez is fresh, savvy and a strong force of being true to self. She’s a mixture of Mexican and Italian origin, and she’s able to stay up on the game in music. Many of us know her as television sweet heart since she’s starred in Barney& Friends in 2002, and by the way I was a big fan of this show back in the 1990’s. But her big break was with Disney in Wizards of Waverly Place as Alex Russo, all while juggling other acting gigs. She appeared in other kid-friendly projects such as voice overs and other made for TV movies. Then starring in the book series classic movie Ramona and Beezus, it was a cute film it had a lot of heart. But she broke unto the scene with the music industry with hits like Naturally, Round & Round, and A Year Without Rain. She’s helped thousands look their very best with her clothing line that’s filled with eco chic items. Also she’s pretty fashion savvy and always rocking heels I would love to have. But more importantly she made it known at the Vanity Fair Post Oscar event that Justin Bieber and she were indeed together. So she’s constantly creating a sassy image for herself without the mess of following others into the scene. She has a sassy future with the release of Monte Carlo with Leighton Meester. She’s coming into the world of the Spanish world yet still mainstreaming to an audience that’s excited for what she offers.

Honorable Mentions: Shakira Her Music & That’s Why We Love Her Music, Same Goes To Thaila and Paulina Rubio

Fashion Savvy Latina’s You’ve Been Crowned & Amazing


~Brittany J.


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  1. zonizardoz says:

    Selena Quintanilla was and is so great!

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