Savvy Shoe Alert! Get The Caged In Look!

Trendy Sandals To Rock The Summer With!

Let those little birdies out and keep your feet stylishly in this season, because it’s all about letting your feet shine with this look. These are the talked about summer booties this season, that shows detail and style. These summer booties are quite different then the fall/winter booties, because these actually let your feet breathe again. 

These heels come in wedges and as flat sandals, and can mix well with any outfit. Whether you’re wearing cut-off denim shorts, or a long or short funky skirt it’s a fun shoe for any occasion. But an even better look for evening, these shoes are ideal with any dress. They come in all colors like metallic gold, silver, and also in black. Some are even more eye catching because of the embellishments, and for us girls the more sparkle the more glamorous we look for that occasion. 

Your best looks for these heels are with jeans and dresses. The jeans give the look of casual yet fun and with any maxi dress or any LBD dress these heels can help make the outfit pop. You can find these caged in heels at any shoe store or boutique, it’s popular at Nine West stores or the website or at which features a lot of variety and styles for any one’s taste.

I personally love these shoes because of how they look when you wear them, and how they can do no wrong for any feet size. The metallic ones are the best ones for any outfit plus they create the allusion of height which I love. 

So with these caged in booties this summer just have fun and be free in fashion.

~Brittany J.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. With shoes this glam, I’d be happy to be a birdie in a “cage!” Lovely!

  2. fashion ice says:

    Love these cute booties! They go well with so many looks! xxo

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