Dazzling Yet Ideal Introducing: Eco-Chic Jewels!

Looking glamorous and trying to save our planet is now possible with this trend. Ever noticed how your wrist and body burst with excitement when there are layers of jewelry on it. Well with thinking eco-friendly it’s the newest trend and adding fine jewelry to the mix is even better.

Because you can enjoy the perks of looking great while wearing recycled materials that are safe and stylish. It’s a great feeling to wear these fine jewels made with the earth in mind. But did you know that this trend contain designers living the eco-friendly lifestyle?

They’ve created a trend that’s affordable and easy to wear for any occasion. These refined trinkets contain recycled gold, silver and beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Plus you’ll enjoy any piece of jewelry without any issues such as conflict-free diamonds. Each lovely item is hand-crafted by the designers with each item containing a dash of positive energy, it’s an added bonus for thinking outside of the box.The term to reuse items comes strongly for innovative designers, and this trend takes that in well. It’s about reusing and finding the beauty with chemical-free wire designs. Many eco-friendly fine jewelry designers use the wire method, like Liz Larios she’s creating a chic planet, and they’ve done it in way that’s sleek and great to wear. Their signature state shaped necklaces struck them into the Hollywood gates fast. And their play on using recycled metals and vintage crystals makes them ideal in the eco- friendly world.

With this trend you’ll find many contenders waving their statement necklaces at us. But only the eco-conscious ones have our attention like Alex and Ani jewels, Dara Ettinger gems, Monique Pean jewelry. These sustainable jewelry designers are creating a different world, by giving back to causes that molds them as positive creators for the planet.

It’s about inspiration and many of us love finding moments through our clothing. And with any eco-friendly fine jewelry designer it’s through nature, the beaches, and deserts. One thing for certain you’ll own a piece of hand-made, natural, reusable one of kind jewelry that’s perfect to wear with a pair of jeans, a savvy dress, or with a tailored suit.

The eco-friendly fine jewelry market keeps you forward globally and forward fashionably.

~ Brittany J.


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