A Sweet Spring & Summer Treat: Rompers Galore!

 Have fun in the sun with this famous look by wearing the floral/printed rompers. Enjoy the spring and summer by wearing this stylish trend and put a spin on it in a good way. These printed rompers have been a season favorite but add something cute and you’ll stay fashionable among friends. These sassy rompers are delightful with any accessory and many are wearing these to beat the heat. But make sure your sassy romper stays within your budget.

These fun yet flirty styles are great for any occasion, and to stay cute try adding a cardigan. You probably think it’s too hot for a cardigan, but by dressing theses up with a cropped lean cardigan it will magically work on its own. It’s creates a whole outfit, just by a black or blue shrug cardigan. You can find great deals for these at the chic www.forever21.com or www.stylesforless.com they’re priced under $20. The best places for these printed rompers are found at the boutiques or stores like Marshalls, or T.J.Maxx. But if there’s not a lot of variety try going online to sites like www.papyaclothing.com  these sites have a variety of affordable looks for under $50 bucks.

To dress up your sassy romper have fun with accessories, include rings, necklaces or bracelets. Create some height when wearing your romper with some tie up wedges.  And to beat the sun rays wear flattering shades at www.ardenb.com or www.wetseal.com  for under $10.

So when you’re shopping around try to find these rompers at an affordable price. But finding the complete look is easy to find, but making all come together is the fun task. I personally love this look because of how sassy you can appear to be without spending a whole lot, and I love the printed rompers. So have fun and enjoy wearing your sassy romper this summer.

~Brittany J.


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