Eco-Chic Alert! Featuring Gunas Vegan Handbags

In a world where leather goods prey on the life of luxury, one designer decided to stay true to her heart. Sugandh Agrawal discovered luxury for the giving heart and mixed high fashion into one amazing collection. Over the years I’ve been accustomed to the same handbags and when I found out about vegan handbags I was curious yet amazed. But more curious now I’m onboard and have refused to wear any leathery items.


Yes the word and the item called leather is all round us. I’m not against the leather handbags I’m just not into wearing innocent cows as an accessory. But I do respect the people who wear leather. Overall it’s still a part of our lifestyle it’s just not a part of mine. Other than that these handbags play a pivotal role in today’s accessories.

It’s an amazing feeling to see handbags with such finesse, style, and pristine features. These clever handbags carry what our society needs, sustainable, innovative, and creativity. They’re so different than your average purse or tote, these luxury items are used for luggage, laptop carriers and for looks. I’ve been introduced and shocked by the use of luxurious features, but without the use of the high class junk.

~ Stay Eco-Stylish ~

~Brittany J.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vegan handbags … who would have thought and what a great idea! Hope your long weekend was delightful, sweetie!

  2. Beautiful handbags. Really like the one on second photo.

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