Spice Up Your Summer Season: With The Little White Look!!

We’re just weeks away until we reach the hottest time: The Summer Season. As a native Floridian it’s our job to look tanned while staying away from as much material as possible. Over the years I’ve come accustomed to the flip-flops, tank tops, and shorty shorts. It’s like our seasonal wardrobe all-year round but my goodness it’s not the only look to wear. So now it’s a known trend to wear white, but now you can wear it and its many styles all while staying stylishly cool.

But it’s more of a Hollywood trifecta. And if you’re a fashion believer like me, you’ve probably seen the domino effect of celebs wearing this invisible yet striking color. I must say it’s one of my favorite colors to wear and it goes with anything, boots, sandals, jeans, shorts. Indeed it goes with anything it’s the one color that shines top player next to the color black of course. And we’ve seen many designers declare the color white a summer obsession, if you’ve notice the Dolce & Gabbana 2011 Spring/Summer collection you’ll know it’s a favorite.

So I’m sure you’ve seen all of the posts featuring the color white trend because it’s been showcased everywhere. But in this post I wanted to feature the many styles it’s created in and how each celeb adds their own flavor to the obsolete color.

So pop on the Little White Look and outshine the other summer colors!

 ~ The Fitted White Dress ~

Gisele Bundchen/ Lucy Liu/ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/ Kirsten Dunst

~ The Glamorous White Gown ~

Rachel McAdams/ First Lady: Michelle Obama/ Jamie Chung

~ The Detailed White Dress ~

Rachel McAdams/ Reese Witherspoon/ Lucy Liu

~ The Short White Dress ~

Ciara/ Blake Lively/ Jennifer Lopez

 ~ The Fitted White Suit ~

Kate Moss/ Rihanna/ Camilla Belle

 ~Brittany J.


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