Hot Summer Obsession: Presenting The South Beach Look!

The summer sun isn’t sizzling for no reason, there’s an amazing trend happening. It all happened with one hot sandy beach with swinging palm trees, and one heck of a night life. It’s a trend that hits home and means a lot when it comes to the sizzling heat, but more importantly its one sultry look. I’ve been fortunate enough to visually scope out the many styles one wears on vacation lately. It’s a dazzling world out there when it comes to the fashions from other places. Seeing outfits from all over clearly proves one thing WE LOVE THE MAXI LOOK!

Gwen Stefani ~ Jessica Alba ~ Selena Gomez Loving The Maxi Trend!

With the famous maxi dress we know it’s worn at many places but there’s one place it’s known as the only look. It’s a bigger trend if you watch VH1’s Basketball Wives. I’ve been hooked since the beginning and yes there’s so much drama it explodes off the charts. But besides all of the drama, it features some of the best looks I’ve seen lately, the famous style of course are the long maxi dresses. Also if you’ve seen them you’ll notice the popping shades, fun jewels, the banging handbags, and the over the top heels

Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams & Meeka Claxton Looking Chic!

I swear watching each episode is like going inside a designer’s showroom. They wear items we would love to wear, and much of their style is reflective to the lifestyle of Miami and being fashionably rich always help. But the savvy dresses and hoop earrings tells us a lot about South Beach, it’s the place where everything is breezy yet eccentric. I’ve been drawn by the completed outfits and even copied some of the styles. The girls are always stepping it up when it comes to their wardrobe while telling the world there in control.

But many of us enjoy the idea of dressing in style all while having fun and that’s the South Beach method. Overall I love to watch them and see what look will they wear next? Creating these looks are seen all over it’s really easy to do and you can’t go wrong with easy savvy style.

Looking like a South Beach Maven just became our hot new obsession.


~Brittany J.


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