We Love This LoveStruck Vera Wang’s Newest Fragrance!

Vera Wang is one of the best designers around, and as you know she’s even stepped up her game with her fragrances. But now she’s introducing us a new but sassy smell that will be a favorite among us girls.    

The LoveStruck fragrance is hot and features the clever yet fashionable Leighton Meester, in an haute couture gown by Vera Wang of course. It’s a funky ad and it really evokes the meaning of what she wanted this new fragrance to stand for.


This new smell has a rush of love, pink guava and mandarin and a dash of lotus blossoms. This smells like a hit to me, indeed you’ll fall head over heels with her other fragrances (Vera Wang Princess) (Glam Princess) (Rock Princess). But this one will swing into stores in the summer so be on the lookout I know I will.

~Brittany J.

Check Out The Fun Yet Stylish Video!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Fun video! I can’t wait to check and see if they have the scent at Sephora next time I’m by! xoxo

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