The LBG Quest: Featuring The Little Blue Gown!

With every little dress comes a well-known color, and I’m featuring the color blue. For years when this dress color hit the red carpet immediately all eyes look at this gown you wonder why? Well because it’s one powerful color and it’s also very rare in the world of fashion. Lately I’ve been on a fashion quest anxious to find the perfect little blue gown. And recently I’ve come up with these stylish looks.

The attractive little blue gown is a fascinating look to pull off and only a few have. The ladies who can rock out in this color have to exude confidence and a sense of self awareness. To me they can’t go wrong while strutting along the brave red trail we call the red carpet. Because it’s a look others rarely try and lately I’ve come across some dazzling blue looks that’s ideal to wear. The piercing blue color stands on its own at any event, yet it shocks others because it’s truly electric among the masses of fashion lovers.

Oddly enough the color blue is one tricky color to find, stores across my city may showcase a few accessories, tops, and dresses with this color. My mom and I love the look of blue and we ponder the mall pavements in hopes to find at least one blue item. Finding a pair of blue shoes is very tough and trying to find any accessories is even more annoying.

I wonder why one color, that’s filled with radiating fashion power is yet so hard to find. Will I ever figure it out I guess not but I’m sure I’m not the only wondering this. My ruling is to keep on looking and then soon I’ll find that blue dress, maybe a pair of heels, and that cute purse. But until then I’ll also wonder about the impact it has on us in the fashion world.

The impact on the color blue is interesting, ever noticed the limited amount of fashion collections featuring this color. Also very few fashion designers showcase an all blue collection. It’s very interesting yet I’m not surprise, hopefully someone will tell me why designers don’t feature a lot of blue pieces in there collection. It’s a wild thought I guess, other than I’ll move on to the gowns.

I’ll Introduce To You The Little Blue Gowns & They’re Looks!

The 2005 Oscars: Hilary Swank In An Elegant Long Sleeve Guy Laroche Gown
The 2006 Oscars: Jada Pinkett Smith In A Sassy Sweetheart Neckline Roberto Cavalli Gown
The 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Kate Winslet In A Cobalt Blue V-Neck Narciso Rodriguez Gown
The 2010 State Dinner: Michelle Obama In A Dazzling One Shoulder Peter Soronen Gown
The 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Sofia Vegara In A Blue Plunging V-Neck Roberto Cavalli Gown
The 2011 Cannes Film Festival: Bar Rafaeli In An Electric Long Sleeve Cut-out Roberto Cavalli Gown
The 2011 Cannes Film Festival: Uma Thurman In A Long Sleeve Armani Privé

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