Wildly Sweet: Monique Lhuillier 2012 Resort Collection!

It’s a simply divine cohesive outlook on the office chic meets evening glam. Monique Lhuiller definitely worked it in the color department. But then again I love all of her collections because she knows which colors to mix and how to make perfect combinations come to life. That’s why I’m not surprise to see another a-list collection she’s designed, showcasing dynamic pieces that tell us a story.

I’ll call this the Wildly Sweet collection you’ll notice the contrast of office chic mixed with animal tones by night. It’s a dazzling mixture of sweet pinks and reds, while incorporating some leopard blues and soft whites. This collection pops with watercolor prints, while lavish gowns play on making a statement.

This collection tells a story that shimmers with a girl from the fashion world, when she’s not writing for Stylish magazine. She’s jet-setting to L.A.’s nightlife as she attends the CFDA awards, while counting the days down. She’s invited to sit at an elite charity event, showcasing her sassy evening looks dressed up in either a gold or black gown. She’s your fashion conscious girl who’s not afraid to try concrete jungle prints, and dress up in statement gowns by night. She’s ready to shock the boring and take on glamour at the front door.    

She’s wildly sweet and ready for more fashion forward collections. Personally I love this resort collection because it’s a debut of soft colors mixed with rocky blue spots. I mean every girl loves leopard rather it’s updated or not it’s a timeless trend. Plus you’ll notice three components she adds in almost all of her collections. One: her love for lace and bow-ties is shown a lot. Second: she loves sheer fabric, showcasing the arms and the shoulders. Three: her love for heavy structured bottoms, the crumbled layering gives off the elegant element.

This collection says a lot about her vision within fashion, and how colors play a big part in her life. Over all her collections are always worth viewing and this one is no exception. She’s still one of my favorite designers and will always deliver wearable masterpieces.

~Brittany J.


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