Rise To The Top: With Pyramid Accessories!

We can conquer the world with style in these power packed pyramid rings. Lately this trend is all about one thing Making A Statement and it does. Plus the attention is remarkable it’s a little dose of fashion meets Cleopatra between the walls of The Great Sphinx. I’ll say this not many could pull off the rocking pyramid rings because it’s all about ownership with a dash of vengeance.

The architecture of a pyramid was bound to take over the fashion world. I mean look at the designs plus we love to try on wild designs and witness the impact it has. One thing for certain is the shocking ways you can wear these rings. Maybe you’ll try the pyramid bracelet and the ring with a cute pair of skinny jeans. It’s a universal accessory which I love.

This symbolic piece of jewelry hit the fashion air waves by one jewelry company and then broke into full swing by top artists. Many artists think of themselves as moveable art and most of them adore wearing or looking unique it’s a statement. They stand out among others and they love that, the ones I know you’ve seen and heard are Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez and of course Beyoncé.

These over-the-top singers are all about the funky and the unbelievable when it comes to fashion. They love these strong rings and the other fantasy jewels from NOIR Jewelry. But they love to rock out in the spiked looks from The Blonds magical pieces and Ruthie Davis wild heels and handbags.

Rising to the top with this trend is extreme and easy, first off they have attitude, and show the world your stepping up for a higher cause. Plus they’re great to wear out to the club or to fashion shows. Flashy is also another word for this trend but if you love to show off, and push boring in the corner then you might like this.

I’m a little hesitate to wear anything spiked but I’m a fan of these rings because they’re funky. Also if you’re a big music video fan you probably seen the Run The World (Girls) looks from Beyoncé. I could do without the song and some of the video scenes, but the fashion in the video is fierce and the elements of empowered couture dresses worked. Plus she wore a lot of pyramid accessories.

 Overall this trendy accessory is all over and quite simple, it dresses up an outfit tremendously and gives you the vibe to conquer your daily life with fashion ease.

~Brittany J.


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  1. Get this style at beth&maggie.com!!
    (Great Accessory Post)

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