SAY WHAT: It’s A Chanel Muse Showdown!

Kirsten Dunst & Blake Lively Showdown In Chanel 2011 Haute Couture Collection!

It’s no surprise to see these two stylish movie stars bust a move in this leading designer. Chanel is a fashion must have when it comes to red carpet lust. But lately Karl Lagerfeld muses seem to love him more when he’s around yet they rock out his collections when he’s away. But there’s a big fashion showdown happening and it doesn’t involve Rachel Bilson, Diane Kruger, or Keira Knightley.

The showdown is between Kirsten Dunst and Blake Lively. They promote and strut in past and present looks from Chanel’s fabulous collections. But it’s been a little rivalry going on with them, while they repeat the other muse’s looks. I mean there’s always a little fashion moment we see from others, but these two are everywhere and I know there stylist know this.

Kirsten Dunst's Top Three Chanel Looks!
Blake Lively's Top Three Chanel Looks!


~ Brittany J.


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  1. Oh my gosh, LOVE Chanel .. Karl Lagerfeld, what a talent! xo

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