My Accessory Obsession: Banging Summer Bangles!

Peep this, what makes the summer time tick? It’s not the sun shades or the mega totes. It’s the Banging Summer Bangles, we wear them and we pop them on with our favorite outfits. Allow me to say this I love these accessories and could only dream of owning hundreds of them. They can shut down a wardrobe in a matter of seconds. Plus you won’t have to worry about them falling off like other bracelets.

There are about five types of banging bangles you’ll need to shock the masses with this summer. I’ll introduce to you the fantasy wooden bangle, it’s bold and extremely solid to wear. There’s an eco-friendly brand that’s amazing. It’s called Mango Tree bangles they’re selections are great, because they use eco chic products which produces amazing colors.

Then there’s the savvy golden bangles which I love, they give off the luxury feeling. Many relevant celebs consider these bangles their only accessory friend. Like Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, and Selita Ebanks, Jessica Alba they love them. Also if you look at them you’ll notice the amount on each arm. It’s insane to see almost four to five on each arm. But it’s also a trendy way to let others notice the sassy arms and the excessive amount of sparkles they give off.

Jessica Alba & Emma Watson & Selita Ebanks In Savvy Gold Bangles!

Another power packed banging bangle that’s a summer hit are the big rounded ones. Some heavy hitters in the fashion industry love these because they’re featured in recent collections. The usual reality stars like Kim Kardashian, and Audrina Patridge pop them on with everything. The black and silver bangles trigger the likes of music artists Ciara, and Keri Hilson. They love them with their bold outfits.  

Kim Kardashian & Keri Hilson & Ciara & Kelly Rowland Wearing Booming Bangles!

Let’s not forget the designed ones and the beaded ones they’re filled with a little extra pizazz. These funky ones are big with us boho-chic lovers, we love to wear them with scarves and jeans. By the way wearing these with your swimsuit is indeed a savvy look for the summer season. Meanwhile you have to adore this accessory because there’s so much variety. Bangles are always easy to find plus they go great with any outfit.

Ashlee Simpson & Tia Mowry & Nicole Richie & J.Lo Wearing Stylish Bangles!

So Start The Summer Off Banging In Bangles!

~Brittany J.


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