Inside The Fashion Pages: Featuring THEIA 2012 Resort Collection!

You’re cordially invited to one of the best resort collections it’s filled with the essence of pure elegance. Across all fashion boarders comes a collection few would love to escape upon, and this one is filled with escapism. Why you ask well between Don O’Neill iridescent colors and bonafide presentation it’s easy to say it’s a hit among us fashion believers. Catching a glimpse inside the newest goddess induced collection made me fall in love with the fluttering designs and piercing details.

Creative Director of THEIA Don O'Neill & His Stylish Designs!

The array of watercolor prints and shimmering details had me onboard instantly. Truly these pieces would be ideal on anyone but I could see starlets jumping at the sight of one these gowns. For instance imagine the likes of Selena Gomez, Eva Mendes or Sarah Jessica Parker looking stylish in one of the THEIA resort pieces.

I could only imagine what the fabric alone feels like upon wearing it and the detailed features on each dress. Showcasing a divine collection like this one takes me back to the stylish times when gowns meant more. Plus the set of colors O’Neill uses create substance rather than the usual grays and blacks. 

The presentation was ideal, with piercing photographers and dashing displays was chic and noticeable. Of course there’s the  the enticing measures of couture, and traces of ready-to-wear in it. Indeed being introduced to the strong collection made me thrilled and pleased to show such elegant looks.

The world of resort collections has a new signature on it and its name is THEIA!

~Brittany J.


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