Sassy New Handbag Alert! The Olivia + Joy Tycoon Flap Satchel

In every purse lies one thing and that’s style with a capitol S, but if you can afford STYLE then that’s even better. I’ve been a purse fan since I was born it runs deep within the family gene pool. It’s a known fact that my mother and I love collecting handbags and if it’s a good price then we jump on it A.s.a.p. It’s a girl’s dream to own quantities of shoes and handbags, most of us just adore the vast amounts each designer creates.

Personally I own some amazing ones which include: Coach, Michael Kors, Nine West and Olivia + Joy. I’m a designer handbag freak, but I own non name brand purses too I love any purse or tote. I also enjoy totes and clutches but the best totes are the ones imported from India at the World Market.

Let’s go beyond that and let me introduce to you the Olivia + Joy Tycoon Flap Satchel. There’s a lot of reasons why I love the Olivia + Joy brand and there fabulous collection of handbags. One of the most vital reasons are there prices, each amazing non hurtful purse is extremely affordable.

Another beneficial reason why I’m a fan is there products, what looks like real leather isn’t. Which is freaking ideal plus their colors and details are creatively chic!  This bag alone carries the screams of I Gotta Have It! I’m not surprise to see the recognition Olivia + Joy is getting from one savvy fashionista.

Because we all know the Kardashians but to see one of the wealthiest reality stars wearing this says something. Kim K. isn’t always known for wearing affordable items, but it goes to show that you can bust affordability and make it luxurious. With your end results adding up to one real smart move. The Tycoon Flap Satchel has some features which is very trendy like the chain reaction handle and exposed zipper.

This sassy handbag comes in four summer friendly colors. There’s the basic Black, the shiny Emerald, the daunting Truffle, and simply Grey. The truffle and the grey colors will keep you waiting since they’re seemly popular colors.  The one thing about this uber stylish bag is it boost to fame.

From one gas pumping socialite to the shoulders of Carmen Electra, and potentially landing in my handbag collection as a bonafide must have. The Tycoon look will only cost you $78 bucks with a little shipping cost on the side.

It’s A Lovely Treat To Add For The Summer Time & Will Go Great With Any Look You Desire.

~Brittany J.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. anastasia says:

    i got the black tycoon today at Ross for $19.99 NEW!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      That’s great it’s nothing like a good geal!

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