Dazzling Shades: Introducing Bvlgari Newest Eyewear Collection La Gemme!

Okay so these fabulous shades are only a luxury item I would love to own one day. To be quite honest with you these lovely shades cost as much as a truck or a condo. Mainly because of their price tag but for now let me drool all over them as if I had a pair to try on. Besides the desire to own these popping pair, it’s also all about the love for summer sunglasses.  

Living in Florida you’re prepared for two things the sun and the rainy days. You truly need a pair of sunglasses that are cute and a handy umbrella for those not so friendly tropical days. But it’s always ideal to own shades that get people talking and it’s even better when you see some of them wearing your look. Now that’s interesting and it only means you’re a trendsetter, your accessories create a fashion buzz. So I’ll like to introduce to you another fashionable buzz-worthy pair of iconic sunglasses.

From the luxurious Italian brand Bvlgari includes some unusual items that’s all for the elite individual. They’re brand that rises above any other luxury fashion brand. Well because of their highly infused prices. Yet they show the world how eccentric they can go without losing their target audience.

The adore factor for some of their products are highly impossible to retain. Bvlgari creates an infinite love for their elegant items which range above the details and their designs. With their newest collection of get this jewelry eyewear, when you think you’ve heard it all this happens. It’s jewelry for your eyes it’s the newest trend and I’m all ears to know how they came up with this idea. The La Gemme collection did a partnership with another famous eyewear brand Luxottica.

Primavera a sassy new women’s collection, the Zephyr a metro chic men’s collection, and the La Gemme Rare a collection filled with novel stones. These fabulous collections are sure to introduce the world a new way to look at the sun. I think these shades are knockout but I’ll just have to dream them up one day.

Overall we’ve heard of Bvlgari and how expensive they are and we’ve also adored their work by designing such exclusive items. But the Bvlgari name is also known for their lionesque ads which featured stars like Julianne Moore, Kristen Dunst and now Rachel Weisz. I wonder what they’ll pull out next in there leathery bags of desired tricks.

By the way these unbelievable luxury shades will range from $780 to $92,000. Now that’s an item of desire or future endeavor to look forward to. These lovely shades won’t be out until October now that’s something to add on Santa’s deluxe list.

Enjoy The Summer With A Pair of Shades You Know You’ll Look Great In Without Going Over Board!

~Brittany J.


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  1. WOW, stunners! I just returned from a Palm Beach holiday and I can imagine wanting the best of the best in shades for this sunny state where sunglasses are not just a sometime thing! And these would definitely be attention-getters! Happy new week, darling!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

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