Shimmering Desires: Presenting Elie Saab Fall 2011-2012 Couture Collection!

It all came down to a little glitz and a whole lot of shimmering inspiration. I’ll consider Elie Saab the king of creating shimmering fantasies filled with passionate colors and sultry details.

His latest haute couture collection is fulfilled with the desires of every women and fashion analyst. I know this collection debuted last week but I had to talk about it, and scope out the looks that shined through the catwalk.

 One thing that’s for certain is the colors and the softness he portrayed along the runway. Easily it’s the mechanism of mobility that shimmered. The movement of each garment showed and each gown created the illusion of sheered elegance.

Like many collections they contain cohesiveness and a logical story through each garment. This one-of-a kind collection proved that, by telling us a novel story. A glamorous world filled with the best style, fabric and designs. His refreshing collection ranged from short cocktail dresses, mixed in with luxurious gowns which was intriguing at all levels.

But with his dosage of deep v-necklines and pinned down goddess flowers dazzled. This collection spoke on the levels of evening wear with a BANG!  It’s no surprise because the usage of rich blues and shocking pastels worked well with the showcase. Instantly you’ll see starlets drawn to this collection like Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman or maybe Gwyneth Paltrow.

 The way this collection flows and how lightweight it looks it clearly the amazement of a true designer and how effortless he makes his clothes look as well feels. Even though this collection would be considered last week’s fashion buzz, I’ll consider it this week’s style inspiration.

The outlook on this collection is purely amusement and will consider him a enriching part of the fashion community which is no surprise. Over the months I’ve fallen for fashion collections before yet this one quickly took my breath away!

 ~Brittany J.



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