Summer Fun: Pop Your Style With A Dash of Orange!

It’s ideal to have some colors skipping through your wardrobe this summer. So why not burst into a little sunset orange and create a whole new look. I’ve been a fan of the color orange for a while now and consider it a shocking yet iconic palette to wear. There’s something about throwing on a pair of jeans and adding an orange top or purse to jazz up your whole look. Every outfit needs a pop of color rather it’s a red bottom pump or a blue statement necklace.

 The world of color goes hand in hand in Fashion, and every once in a while you need something cute and colorful. So with the different shades of orange you’ll be in with a trend that’s easy and a classic. For years orange was rare to find and now it’s everywhere and it’s extremely popular among fashion fans. Personally the pops of orange comes in many looks like scarves, dresses and skirts. With the summer days heating up you’ll need to find a soft color to get those sizzling sun rays off.

 With a dash of orange or marigold along with your everyday looks will only liven up your look. You’ll look superb in those office or summer party outfits. And the foundation of orange items relies on three things the look, the feel, and the design. Any top, skirt or jacket must work well with the items you already own, that way it’ll assure you a standout appearance. I love to wear an orange dress with some gold accessories its wild but an amazing combination.

 Another assurance that your pop of orange will work for you during the summer days is the accessories. Any play on the color orange as an accessory is like treasure for a dull outfit. Any purse or clutch with this color is a lot of fun and will get the attention of everyone in sight. Any pair of orange pumps will wake up a plain pair of denim shorts or a sassy pencil skirt. Many celebs prefer to wear orange when it’s needed among the sleep fest of gowns and outfits.

 For instance there’s a high number of looks passing as marigold orange. It’s a lighter more subdue color that’s fairly popular and there’s no eye effect which is ideal. If the color isn’t done right it can hurt the eyes of onlookers, look back at the 1980’s can we say too much Neon orange. It wasn’t a good time for this color but indeed redeemed itself in the 2000’s.  

 Now with a color like this one you know it deserves a cool treat. Just wear it and have fun, so pop on an orange swimsuit and dive into fashion or cover it up with an orange tunic. It’s all about showing your style in a range of colors and looks while enjoying life.   

 ~Bursting With Orange Looks!~

America Ferrara/Gwyneth Paltrow/Zoe Saldana/Victoria Beckham

~Brittany J.


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