Bloom Into Style: With The Tulip Trend!

When it comes to showing your style there’s many looks that come in mind. Have you ever owned or wanted to own a look that’s blooming with sensuality and zest. Well with the tulip look it’s full of that and more, and it’s creative enough to turn heads. With any fashion craze there’s the design that’s full of curiosity and lavish enough to be brought. Everything about a look has to be relevant and it has to stand on its own. Meaning it must develop a wide audience of fashion lovers and I think this look embodies that on so many levels.

Resse W./ Alexis Bledel/ Taylor Swift/ Freida Pinto In Sassy Tulip Evening Dresses!

 With a tulip look it comes to its own in a skirt a dress or an evening dress. It’s the one trend that’s rare on many occasions for instance I’ve only seen a few stores sell the skirt. And get this I’ve barley seen the tulip dresses sold at the shops near me. So I had to look online to actually find this popular look. It’s pretty intense to know that your own city isn’t sporting a trend that’s stylish and easy to wear.

 Being fashion savvy takes research and an effort so wearing the latest trends is beneficial. That’s why I write about them to let others in on the numerous trendy looks I come across. Also if you’re an online maven like me, then you love researching the latest hits and misses in the fashion industry. This brings me on to my next intriguing find for the tulip trend and how it highlights style for the summer season.

 As well as the fall or winter season it’s ideally versatile for any weather day. The tulip look goes well with any body type and looks great on any height.  But remember this trend will create only the best look for you, like showing off those structured legs and creates the greatest shape for your body type.  

Malin Akerman/ Pippa Middleton/Kim. K. All In Stylish Tulip Dresses!

 It’s a trend that’s covered by many designers and many celebs prefer this look over others. I believe that the design of a tulip dress/skirt can go with anything. The shape falls on anybody frame delicately well. Therefore it’s a smart trend to take hold of and there are so many colors, prints and fabric to look for. Also when it’s cold out you could always throw on a pair of black but dazzling leggings just like Kourtney Kardashian.

Eva Mendes/ Kourtney K./ SJP/ Kate Bosworth In Tulip Skirts!

 Ideally it’s one chic dress, skirt or short if you desire to wear them. I would love to introduce to you an online boutique that’s surprisingly affordable and sassy. They’re located in California and the website is filled with trendy looks that’s cute and flattering. Just to let you know I own a few of their items and loved them. It’s crazy but I’ve found more ideal clothes from online boutiques then from an actual stores.

BoyCrazee Sabrina Tulip Dress! is the new place to shop for this trend and other funky trends. The website left me wanting more but there’s this Sabrina tulip dress that’s a front-runner for any occasion. The colors are great for any party, date or get together with friends and family.

 Then again this dress showed off my best assets and their jumpsuits were another item I adored. So if you’re ever looking for a sassy look or a savvy place to shop hit up this swanky online boutique. I’m drawn by this savvy trend and love what it offers and it’s nice to wear something new for a change.

 One Thing About The Tulip Look Is To Wear It With Ease & Show The World You’re Blooming With Style!

~Brittany J.



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