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  1. Ive recently realised that I have too many clothes in my closet!! So my eco-conscious difference that I’ve made is donated atleast 1/3rd of my clothes for charities!! Ive never felt so good giving away! To know it has helped some families easy access to clothes and hopefully make a difference positively in their life 🙂


  2. Tee says:

    I have a ton of reusable bags from stores in my closet. Instead on using plastic bags, I can use them! Plus, I can use the bag for other things.
    My family and I always take part in taking clothes that we no longer need to Salvation army & Goodwill so that we can help others out.

  3. Antoinette E. says:

    These handbags are amazing! For the past four years I have made an effort to sell my unwanted clothes at places like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Clothing Company in San Francisco. They also give you the option to trade your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories for clothes that other people don’t want any longer; or you can sell your stuff for cash! This is definitely more cost effective, and I feel good about purchasing clothes that have been “recycled” more or less.

    Sometimes I scout the local Goodwill for items like jackets, sweaters, and basic tees and tank tops. Not only is it much cheaper, but its better for the earth!

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