Designer Highlights: With The Wildly Chic Leila Shams!

It’s another dose of Designer Highlights, and this month I’ll feature Leila Shams. We’ve all seen All On The Line on the Sundance channel right? Well if you haven’t seen it then check it out online. Yes I know the show debuted three months ago, but I loved it and can’t wait till season 2 comes. Joe Zee who’s the Creative Director of Elle magazine generates the fashion industry every day and all of its moments to the extreme. It’s a show that shows creativity if it’s done right and helps by bringing motivation with novel ideas. Each designer on the show wanted to add a new chapter within the fashion industry. Some succeeded and some didn’t but one designer designs struck me as innovative.

With episode seven Joe Zee introduced the Leila Shams collection. Indeed he helped her spice up new ideas and the finished results were amazing. But the Super Freak collection killed it in the funky yet chic department. That spring 2011 collection woke me up when it came to animal screen prints.

The flow of the horse maxi dress/skirts and the crocodile dress along with the albino peacock look showed diversity. Plus she introduced to me a whole new style called the mullet tee and how fun it is to wear. Her overall style is different but shines through in a bold way and the way she coordinate colors is tricky yet divine. This new collection defiantly surpasses the word ordinary. Her 2011 Fall collection called Shell Shock is beyond ideal to wear.

This collection follows neon greens and oranges, but plays with lighting purples and hot pinks. One thing for certain is her design esthetic and how it creates eye-catching moments. You’ll notice many celebs flocking to her garments, like Kim K. Keri Hilson, Fergie, and Ke$ha. Her designs are for the wildly bold and the ones who love making a statement. I love how the maxi dresses and skirts look, and in the future I’ll be wearing one of her sassy creations. Also if you’ve visited her website you’ll notice how affordable her designs are. Her affordable looks means functional style for everyone to enjoy.

Leila Shams and her fabulous collections will always gain a fashion audience. So be on the lookout for her latest collections. Also I’ll keep you posted on who I’ll feature next on Designer Highlights.

Here’s A Little All On The Line Fashion Clip From Her Episode!


 ~Brittany J.


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