Haute Spot Trend: Introducing Current/Elliott Leopard Stiletto Skinnies We Must Adore!

I behold to you the greatest pair of jeans since they invented the skinny. It’s the sexiest pair of jeans I’ve ever seen, they’re leopard and full of edge. Introducing Current/Elliot Leopard Skinnies exclusively designed with you in mind. I’ve fallen in love with this unique pair of denim holiness. Why you may ask well it’s easy to see why, because they glow with such pizazz and attractiveness I can’t deny.

 My love for denim goes way back to when I was a little girl. My mom made me a fan of them at an early age, because whenever there were field trips denim was the key. And it seemed like the easiest thing to wear and as I got older I played with edgier kinds of denim. I had an extensive collection of so many jean types like the jackets, purses, and all of the above. Of course I had to change it up and spice up my wardrobe with a little more besides the usual blue item. But then again I could never turn away from a denim item, let alone a skinny jean. I must say the world lives for a fun pair of jeans, mainly because we love comfort and they give us that and more. But you can’t go crazy with just one pair of jeans in your closet, you got to go crazy over these. I think I’ve been bitten by the leopard, because when I first glanced at these I thought WOW.

Owning a pair of these would be amazing and eccentric to wear. For years leopard spots have been the foundation of a global fashion statement. Showing your spots is a major staple in the fashion community and we’ve seen them used for everything and now it has a new threshold to endeavor.  

 These sassy spots found their way on a pair of buzz-worthy designer jeans. Honestly I can smell the do-it-yourself parties, and the knock-offs could happen sorry to say it but the people will be testing they’re creativity with these. It’s a tough analogy but we love different things and this pair screams it and that’s why I’m such a fan. Imagine the Current/Elliot leopard jackets and vests if they expanding it, it would be one heck of a collection. Already we’re seeing celebs skip along the sunset streets in a pair of them. They’ve been seen on Isla Fisher, Mandy Moore, Nicky Hilton, and Sarah Jessica Parker and now Katie Holmes. The two finesse colors they come in are cargo tan and ash grey.

I’ll give Current/Elliot their props for creating such a fun pair of jeans. You can easily dress them up for your daytime look, or add a little sparkle to them during your evening look. They’ll grab the attention of many onlookers and give you the attention of a fashion go-getter.

Don’t hesitate at the price tag because $200 could give you the chance to save up. Meanwhile if you’re bent on spending that much for a pair of designer jeans. Then grab a pair of regular skinny jeans, add some black dye or spray paint to give them those funky spots.

 There’s always fresh new ways to look expensive for a budget driven girl. And since I’m that type of girl I consider these savvy pair of jeans a savings bond, because I’m a sucker for anything with a funky style flare.

 So Show The World Your Denim Spots & Own A Pair of Statement Jeans & You’ll Knock Style Right Out of The Park.

~Brittany J.


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