A Little Fashion Moment: With Stylebabe & My Maxi Look!

Okay I’m a little nervous but here it is my first feature about my look for today. This outfit is what defines me and my daily style regimen when I’m out with friends or family. You’ll notice my love for layered jewelry (silver) pieces and adding accessories to blank canvas frocks.

For years I’ve notice and admired fashion blogs that feature their daily outfits and think of them as leaders in the blogging community. I’ve also been a little hestitate in during them but today I thought why not plus I love the maxi look so enjoy.

This was my Sunday’s Best look and I must say I do love Sunday’s because deciding on what to wear is essential. When it comes to church you must show your style with sophistication and look visually chic. So every Sunday I try to accommodate a little boho meets uptown chic.

Here’s What I’m Wearing: The Maxi Dress: It’s From http://Boutiquelafleur.com My Fashion Friend:

~It’s Velvet By Graham & Spencer Flint Maxi Dress $96 (Sorry It’s No Longer In Stock On The Site) But There’s Other Graham & Spencer Goodies!

 The Shoes: Their From Targets Swanky Place To Shop:

~The Thaddea Peep-Toe Clogs In Black $20 http://bit.ly/rrs9Hl

The Belt: This Little Black Belt Did Not Come With The Dress:

~I added it as a way to add shape and length to the dress.

~It’s only $5 and easy to do for dresses like these.

The Jewels: Layering Necklaces Is My Thing:

~The First Necklace is A Sliver Star Necklace From Tiffany’s $50

 ~The Second Necklace is A Silver Choker From Coach $150

~The Last Necklace is Silver From Juicy Couture $80

The Bracelets: Is From Coach & Express

~Rhinestone Express Bracelet $20

~Silver Charmed Bracelet From Coach $85

The Rings: From Coach & Stein Mart

~Silver Beaded Round Coach Ring $55

~Two Silver Rings From Stein Mart $16

Lastly The Shades: Are From Stein Mart

~Jessica Simpson Gold Aviator Shades Only $15

I Love Looking Stylish & I’ve Come Across Some Amazing Items While Shopping.

So Expect To See My Sunday’s Best Outfits Coming Up Every Once & While On A Monday.

~Brittany J. 


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