“BAM” It’s The 2011 Video Music Awards: Featuring Shocking Looks & Moments!

Well another iconic VMA touched based on MTV last night. And I must say it was full of awkward yet slightly dream filled moments. The most explosive moment goes to the King & the Queen of the night (King Jay-Z and Queen Beyonce). With the announcement of their baby and the ending of her performance made the whole night a celebration. I thought she radiated over the night fabulously and I adored her red carpet look.

We had the annoying yes I mean uber reckless Lady Gaga as her alter ego Joe Calderone. Some fans might disagree with me and call her opening act artsy/ballsy but I’ll call it weird. The way the show started made me anxious and then flat-lined when she or he kept on screaming.I immediately turned away and waited till the real interesting parts began which was with Kevin Hart. He was ideally on point with all of his jokes since he thought he was hosting. Also those crazy graphics in the background wasn’t 3-D, but more of a problem for my eyes if you know what I mean.

Then a little Miami flavor hit the stage with Pitbull and Ne-Yo was a funky/fresh moment of the night. Then we parted into my fave artist of the year Adele who sang “Someone Like You” she gleamed with power and her real voice with (No lip-syncing batteries included). But let’s not forget the flying Chris Brown the favorable Katy Perry wins and the eccentric Nicki Minaj outfit.

We couldn’t forget the Britney Spears blink if you caught it tribute. And the darling Jessie J fierce vocals while sitting in the chair moment. She blew those songs away but I wished her leg wasn’t injured, because she would have rocked out more. Also we must mention the cool video with Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse tribute now that was a great moment I enjoyed.

Lastly we saw Lil Wayne bust a mic and those leopard pants. And heard Jesus and God referred in the same sentence by the Biebs which was very cute because hopefully everybody love the two. But the endless night had one winner I wished won one my favorite bands Foster The People. They was shot down by some dude called Tyler The Creator and I was forced to play Pumped Up Kicks all night long.Overall it was one freaky yet fabulous VMA award show that wasn’t interrupted by any losers. With the winners winning happily and many wondering why wasn’t Lady Gaga wearing something weird?

So Let’s Do Something Different & Introduce The Fashion Trends & Hot Guys Looks!

(My Fave Looks Was Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli & Zoe Saldana In Barbara Bui)

The Funky LBD Looks! (Featuring Sequins)

Featuring: Britney Spears/Zoe Saldana/Kelly Rowland/ Jojo

Deep V Silver Numbers (Presenting Plunging Neck-lines)

Featuring: Demi Lovato/ Kim K./ Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley/Victoria Justice

Cat Print Fever (Presenting Wild Prints To Explore)

Featuring: Miley Cyrus & Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola (Jersey Shore)

Jazzy Black Looks (Presenting Eccentric Black Looks)

Featuring: Adele/ Selena Gomez/ Rebecca Black

Looks I Couldn’t Understand (Patterns & Colors That’s Okay To Try)

Featuring: Katie H./ Maria Menounos/ Kat Deluna/ Snookie (Jersey Shore)


Somebody Had To Wear Something Funky!katy perry wild

 The WTF Looks ( Sorry These Looks Weren’t Fashionable At All)

Featuring: Nicki Minaj/ Kreayshawn/ Deena Nicole Cortese (Jersey Shore)


Justin Bieber (Swagger In The Jungle Look)

Hot Guys In Blazers!

Featuring: Taylor Lautner &  Chord Overstreet

Fist Pumping With The Jersey Shore Guys!

We’ve Got No Situation!

Featuring: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/ Pauly D/ Vinny Guadagnino

Hot Guys In Leather Luxe Jackets!

The Weirdly Cute Couple: Goes To Katy Perry & Russel Brand! There You Have It My Fashion Views On The VMA’S

~ Brittany J.


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