It’s Shockingly Sweet & Chic: Featuring Peaches Online Boutique!

Open those sweet-heart encrusted doors and enter into Peaches Online Boutique. A place filled with sweet and sour jewelry pieces that’s affordable and savvy. While tweeting on Twitter I came across a fabulous new site. Where their jewelry is adorably chic and dazzling from across the UK pond. These vintage inspired jewels are vessels on how fun jewelry should be.

Their giving Hello Kitty a run for their money with these spunky pieces. Peaches Boutique shows you various personalities to how quirky jewelry can be, and how precious trinkets are worn.

These London infused friends Patrice and Linessa had a 2011 summer admiration for style, which brought in a new treasure into the jewelry world. As for the name “Peaches” it’s the funky nickname Linessa gave Patrice which kicked off this sassy boutique. Their accessories are a match-up between fantasy Avenue meeting over at Kitschy chic’s house for style advice.

Which is why it’s so much fun to wear these pieces during this season, because I’m a lover of expression binding accessories. With expression jewelry your telling the world your emotions through rings, necklaces, and earrings. Which makes this jewelry boutique perfect for showing your spunky personality/fashion side.I adore the way you can represent your love for cupcakes as a piece of pastry embedded jewelry. I mean you can wear these stylish pieces with any pair of jeans or with a sassy romper. Yet that’s not the only thing they feature, as a must have trinket. If your a fan of Disney like I am and love Pixar like I do. Then you’ve probably felt like you wanted to discover what’s down the rabbit hole. Well now you can enjoy wearing the fave tale as art. The way these necklaces look is divine and they add a serene moment to the vintage story.Also the fusion of retro pop art accessories, and lavish designed items add something fresh to the jewelry market. I’m such a fan of this newly drawn boutique, because they bring something new to the expression table.Their items speaks to that everyday girl who loves to add volume to her clothes, and feel the sounds of the downtown drums. Yet she adore Hershey chocolate and stereo banging beats, and would dare her friends to dance whenever bicycles pass.That’s what Peaches Boutique stands for, uniqueness and fun. These stylish owners live by these true statements “We want young females around the world to know that anything they put their mind to they can achieve”. Plus maintain as role models, so that other young females can look up to them and understand anything is possible“.

Such valued messages that means a lot because we all need to achieve our goals. Rather it’s in fashion or in something else. So if you’re ever in need of some creative infused jewelry and want to tell the world your stylishly on the phone then Click on Peaches Boutique.

So Do Them A Lovely Little Favor LOVE LIFE, LOVE FASHION, and LOVE YOU!

 ~Brittany J.


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