Pop On A Cap: With My New Favorite Shoe The Cap-Toe Pumps!

This might tickle your fancy fellow shoeaholics or it might make you well excited. Because these original design pumps are all about creative expression and more. When I first laid eyes on these bottle cap heels I thought isn’t that funky or what? It’s the newer way to wear a pump, yet it caught my eye and I’ll considered it fall’s 2011 must-have if you know what I mean. It’s widely prioritize as a wild accessory for the season and the main detail points out the best moment, and let’s not forget their elegance on any sidewalk or red carpet.

We’ve all seen them and drooled with the thought of wearing them with our latest look. These heels set the shoe-fanatics aside from the regular peep-toe wearer. They’re dividing factors in the style community. I mean how many of us can say we hate shoes NONE! And how many of us would love to wear these pumps Umm… well All of Us!

  I’ll call them (The Bottle Cap Toe Pumps). It’s kind of my way of making these pumps fun yet extremely fierce in reformed way.

But when I say revamped I mean there’s a fine line between the older ones designed by Chanel and the newer ones. Which is seen through the eyes of these shoe stars Salvotore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutins, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choos, and YSL. These state of the art Cap-toe pumps are your ticket into amazing events, and during work week you’ll always gain the attention you deserve. Of course it’s fashion attention with a side of over-exposure among your fabulous frocks.

It’s Christian Louboutin Maggie Cap-Toe Pumps!

With these lovely pin-up pumps it’s about attitude and striking a pose against every meeting or sidewalk you come across. Because they make a statement and give off a sultry sassiness to any dress, gown, or pant suit. Plus I love how they create an illusion of chic meets kick-ass elements. Many of my fave celebs aren’t messing around with this trend, because they’ve made their mark at many red carpet events. Celebs that enjoyed these cap-toe pumps include Ashley Greene, Lake Bell, SJP, Ciara, Emma Stone, and Victoria Beckham and Khloe Kardashian. They’ve showed us a new way to create a bold statement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw many more celebs sporting this trend. Well there you have it, I’ve been stung by another trend and I must say I’m intrigued by these pumps and will await any new looks they offer in the months ahead.

 ~ Brittany J.


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